Client in Spotlight: Wine of the Month Club

The Original Wine of the Month Club has been around for decades. Since 1973, WOMC has made your life easier by selecting some of the best wines in the world and delivering them right to your front door.

As avid wine drinkers, we were thrilled for the opportunity to work with Wine of the Month Club President Paul Kalemkiarian to create a new type of promotional videos. These funny 30 - 90 second commercials feature Paul as the charismatic, knowledgeable wine expert that he is, barging in on people's most intimate moments in order to save them from the consequences of their bad wine habits.

When Paul shared his vision with us, his ideas lit a fire of excitement inside us that has carried us through production and now post. We were inspired, and dove into the project with the desire to surpass even Paul's expectations, and create a series of videos that he would not be able to wait to share with the world. 

To maximize on the humor of each video, we brought on board the legendary David Zucker, who, it turns out, quite enjoys the shorter format of humorous promo videos when he is not directing comedy blockbusters like the Scary Movies and The Naked Guns. David helped us fine-tune and punch up the already funny scripts, and generously gave of his time during casting and scouts. 

This week, we wrapped production on the three promo spots. We will share information on how to view them as soon as they become available online.