8 Entrepreneurs Reveal How They Discern Reflection From Regret

Recently, Entrepreneur.com interviewed eight entrepreneurs on the topic of success and failure. Our very own CEO Ellie Shoja was among them. 

In a sea of advice that ranged from learning from your mistakes and not comparing yourself to others, Ellie infused the dialogue with a topic that is close and dear to her heart: meditation. It is Ellie's spiritual approach to business that makes Embold Media such a positive and supportive work environment.

Here's the excerpt from the Entrepreneur article written by Allie Decker

Ellie Shoja is the founder and CEO of Embold Media, a full-service production company. She believes that it’s impossible for a business to fail. Starting a business allows people to take part in the act of creation, which is the only reason she believes we’re here at all. “We are powerful creators, here to create,” she says. “Being an entrepreneur is one way we satisfy this desire.”

To Shoja, there should be no regrets in business. Being an entrepreneur means that she will make decisions, both good and bad. Sometimes, these decisions lead to financial gain, other times they create loss. But, they’ve always taught her powerful lessons.

When faced with perceived failure, adversity or bad decisions, Shoja remembers this: She cannot change what’s happened in the past, so there’s no point in regretting it. And, to her, reflection is only relevant until she can make note of what happened, learn from the mistake, and move on.

“True power is unleashed when we use ‘failure’ as an opportunity to go internal,” she says. “Meditation is a vital tool for anyone who participates in life on this planet. It teaches us that we are not our thoughts, our emotions, our successes, or failures. We are infinite beings, and there is no better time to become reacquainted with our true selves than when we have just failed.”
— Allie Decker for Entrepreneur.com

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