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When it comes to advice, our CEO Ellie Shoja has much of it to give. So, when The Casual Capitalist was looking to interview professional writers, she was more than happy to let them know what traits a writer must possess in order to "make it." 

You may not know this, but Ellie found production via writing. Before falling in love with producing, she wrote several books, articles, and screenplays in three languages. Through her advice in the Casual Capitalist article by Glenn Carter, we get a glimpse into what makes her successful. Here's an excerpt from the article: 

Ellie Shoja had some great tips on how to become a freelance writer, so I’ve included her 5 things to consider when freelancing.

”My best advice for someone trying to break into a writing career is this: don’t be lazy. Another way of saying it is this: do the most work possible, not the least work possible. For those still wondering what I mean, here are five simple things every novice writer can do to immediately stand out as more professional than his or her completion:

1) Proof read everything. Whether it’s a text, an email, a work sample, or copy you’ve generated specifically for a client, read it at least twice to make sure there are no mistakes or typos.
2) Be responsive. Respond to texts, phone calls, and emails as quickly as you can, with as much information as possible.
3) Be polite. Writing in full sentences and being respectful go a long way in building rapport.
4) Deliver your best writing. Regardless of what you’re getting paid or what your personal feelings are about your client, the subject matter, or the job, once you’ve accepted an assignment, make sure you deliver work that you’re proud of.
5) Be on time. Give a realistic time frame for the project at hand, and make sure to deliver on or before the agreed-upon deadline.
— Glenn Carter for The Casual Capitalist

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