define brands,

Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.
—  Milton Hershey

branded content

We are all drops in the same ocean; for the ocean to rise, we must rise in unison. 

When developing and creating video content for our clients, whether it is branded or promotional content, music videos, informational or training videos, PSAs, animations or presentations, our goal is always three fold: 
1) Make our client happy,
2) Make our client's audience/clients happy,
3) Make our team happy.

We believe in Win-Win-Win scenarios, in which our highly talented team of creative professionals work on projects they come to love, while creating  engaging content that connect with audiences, and surpass client expectations.


Double Cross Game and Pip Tompkin Studio - promotional video


StepSister Mobile App (coming soon) - promotional video


Hoplite Entertainment - web content: far east feast


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