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Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.
—  Milton Hershey

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Our team has created video, photo, and text campaigns for a variety of industries. Whether we are working with a government entity, a major corporation, or a small business owner, we strive to understand our client's specific needs so we can exceed their expectations. 

Our team has worked on projects for the following companies:



Due to the nature of the content we create, most of our work either lives on our clients' websites or is confidential in nature. If you'd like to see more work samples, please CONTACT US. We are happy to send private links to relevant projects. 

the original wine of the month club - commercial spots

I needed someone to take the project by the horns and execute. That is exactly what Ellie and Embold Media did... from concept to execution.
— Paul Kalemkiarian, President of The Original Wine of the Month Club

The Challenge: To attract a younger generation of potential Wine of the Month members. 

The Solution: We turned Wine of the Month Club President, Paul Kalemkiarian, into a "Wine Guy" character who barges in on people's most intimate moments and lectures them on their bad wine. These hilarious commercial spots, which are directed by the legendary comedy director David Zucker (Airplane!, Naked Guns, Scary Movies 3 - 5), feature laugh out loud moments that connect with younger generations and make them perfect for sharing. The above trailer provides a compilation of clips from the produced commercials.


Double Cross Game and Pip Tompkin Studio - promotional video

The Challenge: Award-winning design consultancy Pip Tompkin Studio needed a video to help launch their new Mr. Pip brand and its first product, Double Cross Game. The product is a dice game that assembles into an iconic sculpture that can be displayed as decor when it is not in use. Because this is a new product category, significant education was required to help retail buyers understand how to position the product on the shelf.

The Solution: We produced a 4-minute video that included a 2 minute animated instruction of the game. The video was a success, and lead to the company receiving distribution offers from several major retail chains.

Ellie’s creative spirit and work ethic are unparalleled. Collaborating with her is JOY and always something to which I look forward.
— Jasmine Fontes, Film Producer

StepSister Mobile App (coming soon) - promotional video

The Challenge: Banoo Tech, Inc. approached us to create a video that demonstrates the multi-layered use and need for its new app called StepSister.

The Solution: Working closely with Banoo Tech's creative and design teams, we developed a concept with an emotional punch. The resulting video has been used by the company’s founders to communicate the app’s application to potential investors. The feedback on this video has been overwhelmingly positive. 


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