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When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.
— jimi hendrix

partnering with peace

"Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more." 
- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Giving back to the world that has provided us so much beauty and sustenance is one of the cornerstones of our philosophy. We partner with individuals and organizations that are doing work that is rooted in love, connectedness, and compassion. These organizations, we believe, have the power to change our world for the better. They mend hearts, heal wounds, connect people, strengthen communities, and unleash peace.


michelle zarrin20/20 meditate for peace

2016 brought us many gifts, but one of the most cherished gifts we received was the opportunity to work with the beautiful Michelle Zarrin to create and release her unique and profound mediation courses. 

Michelle Zarrin, Spiritual Coach Creator of 20/20 Meditate for Peace Meditation Series

Michelle Zarrin, Spiritual Coach
Creator of 20/20 Meditate for Peace Meditation Series

What Michelle has accomplished is no small feat. Her meditation courses are one of the easiest ways to learn meditation and build a daily practice. Only a few months after their inception, tens of thousands of people around the world have meditated to her courses, and her meditations have become some of the most popular on the meditation app Insight Timer, often ranking in the top five highest rated.  

Here are just a few of the thousands of comments posted about Michelle's guided meditations: 

"I've been struggling with some severe health problems and I was always told to meditate and relax, to trust and believe, to let all the doubts go away. Easy said. I tried and tried and couldn't really "connect". Since I started your meditations finally everything started to make sense and I found the key to myself. I don't know how to discribe it better. I don't know how to thank you. You made my life a little easier. Will definitely continue to listen to the meditations." - Lena from Hamburg
"Such an exquisite journey. I adore these multi day series because you can really delve deeply into the practice." - Rachel from Scotland

20/20 Meditate for Peace is an internal movement toward peace. These meditation courses are designed to help quiet your mind, raise your vibrations, and help the healing of the world. 

The 20-day flagship course titled "20/20 Meditate for Peace" starts with a one-minute meditation on day one, and adds a minute every day for 20-days. This meditation series demystifies meditation, teaches important techniques, while helping build a daily meditation practice. It allows meditators to tap into the wisdom that's within each of us.

"Abundance Through Gratitude" is a 10-day journey into gratitude. It starts with an 11-minute meditation on day one, and builds to a 20-minute mediation on day 10.

"Accept. Believe. Surrender." is a 15-day meditation series that starts with an 11-minute mediation on day one and builds to 25 minutes. This course takes the meditator through five days of acceptance and five days of belief, before it commences a deep dive into surrendering to the flow of life.

"Opening the Heart Center" is a two part mediation series designed to tap into the infinite potential of this sacred center were vitality and creation reside. Each part of this course begins with an 11-minute mediation on day one and builds up to 20 minutes during 10 consecutive days. This course was released on Insight Timer and became the highest rated meditation series on the app, with a perfect 5.0 star rating.

All of Michelle's meditation courses are FREE, and can be found on iTunes or Insight Timer. The 20/20 Meditate for Peace Facebook Group provides information and community for anyone in need of additional support. 


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