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Pain is temporary, film is forever!
—  john milius

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It takes a village to make a film. A village of highly-skilled, multi-talented individuals who are willing to continually push beyond their comfort as they work long hours toward a common goal.

Through harmonious, organized effort, we create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. To ensure the success of our film and television projects, we work with people and organizations who are set apart by their creative depth, professional integrity, and love of compelling storytelling. 

ad inferos (to hell)


Logline: A charming, successful business man unravels psychologically as he is haunted by the ghost of his latest murder victim.
Genre: Psychological Thriller / Horror

Ryan Caltigirone | Tennile Goosic | Katie Owsley | Kayla Fields | Joey Janssen

Director: Timothy Gaer | Writer: Ellie Shoja
Producers: Ellie Shoja / Jasmine Fontes
Associate Producer: Tamara DeKauwe 
UPM: Angie Engelbert 
1st AD: Kathrine Murray-Satchell
Director of Photography: Ryan Verbel 
1st Assistant Camera: Matt Lippincott
2nd Assistant Camera: Brian “Shaggy” Winikoff / Caleb Vetter 
Makeup: Emily Shaw


becky’s paradise

Logline: A 12-year-old girl’s experience of her world becomes increasingly fantastical as a tumor grows in a part of her brain that stimulates her imagination.
Genre: Drama



Logline: When offered a summer tutoring position at the mansion on top of the hill, a young man uncovers a deep-rooted family secret that has plagued the un-agreeable and terminally-ill heiress her entire life.
Genre: Drama


the 13th planet

Logline: In her attempt to save Earth from destruction, an alien is forced to team up with a human whose unwillingness to accept his role as The Key could cost them everything.
Genre: Science Fiction


the witch of the half way

Logline: When memories of a past life reveal her to be a powerful witch burned at the stake 400 years ago, a socially-awkward teenager must reconcile her past in order to stop a massacre at her high school.
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy


untitled fem fetale

Longline: A lawyer’s life is turned upside down when he is seduced by an attractive psychopath who murders his father and attempts to steal the identity of his long-time girlfriend.
Genre: Psychological Thriller


con life

Logline: An international con man with Iranian roots condemns his family to a life on the run.
Format/Genre: One-Hour Drama
Awards/Recognition: Austin Film Festival 2nd Rounder

“The tension was maintained throughout the script and reminded me of the first couple of seasons of 24…Reza was enigmatic and able to attract the viewer’s attention as easily as a streaker at a football game.”
-Austin Film Festival Contest Reviwer

“There is a great story here and it is utterly fascinating. With the right showrunner to guide, CON LIFE will be a hit, no question.” 
-BlackList Reviewer

“CON LIFE is a pilot with countless strengths that leaves the reader wanting more after finishing the final page…The pilot offers countless attractive roles with an eye on diversity as well as international appeal. Additionally, the role of Reza should be one that has talent agents fighting over to get their client cast.”
-Blacklist Reviewer


lizzy in the big world

Logline: A 35-year-old children’s books author with severe social anxiety and agoraphobia has to decide whether or not she is capable (and willing) to raise the children of her recently-deceased estranged sister.
Format/Genre: Half-Hour Single Camera Comedy


a historic earth

Logline: When an experiment in creating an ultra virtual reality travel experience called “A Historic Earth” has catastrophic consequences, a civilization 900 years in the future must reconnect with its human roots to thwart the onset of an imminent war.
Format/Genre: One-Hour Science Fiction


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